BE (deluxe version) pre-order links

👇👇 PRE-ORDER GUIDES FOR 🇺🇲 🇵🇷 (USA/PR) & 🇬🇧 ( UK) ARMYS 👇👇

1. (i) BUY FROM (USA/PR) - ▪️ Target ▪️ Amazon ▪️ Walmart ▪️ Barnes & Noble ▪️ Weverse shop USA ▪️ BTS online store created by Columbia Records ( ▪️ Other big box/local stores in USA.

(ii) BUY FROM (UK) - ▪️ Amazon ▪️ HMV ▪️ BTS UK official store.

Pre-order BE from official retailers in the US & UK so your purchase will count for Billboard & UK charts.

2. ❌ AVOID BUYING FROM ❌ - ✖️ Weverse shop global ✖️ ktown4u ✖️ interpark ✖️ yesasia ✖️ choice music LA ✖️ Cokodive ✖️ kpop stores ✖️ kpop websites ✖️ 3rd party sellers on Amazon or any other websites.

Album purchases from Weverse global shop WILL NOT count for Billboard charts since they are shipped from warehouses outside USA.

❕❕ If you have ordered any of these sites then please cancel the order now & buy from the official sites instead. ❕❕

3. AVOID BULK BUYING - Do not buy more than 4 copies/music products per transaction. You may buy 4 vinyls, 4 mp3s & 4 physical albums coz they are different products. Do not buy 8 or more physical albums together. Use different credit cards & emails if you want to buy another set of 4.

4. MAKE SURE THE LISTING IS OFFICIAL - For example, it should say "ships from & sold by"

5. AVOID GROUP ORDERS - Focus on BTS charting in your own country by buying from official retailers. MOTS: 7 was #1 on 21 countries' official music charts.

6. DO NOT RATE THE ALBUM BEFORE RELEASE DAY - Even if it's sold by a sketchy 3rd party. Amazon combines reviews for the same product which lowers the average rating for the official product. Low ratings will cause the official album to drop further down in the search results & make it harder for other armys to find the album.

7. BTS (UK) STORE TIP - Proceed to checkout despite seeing the US location.
credit goes to: @bts_graphs & @fundsforbts_uk

⚠️ Other countries that don't have any official music charts can order from Weverse global shop, ktown4u or yesasia. They contribute towards Gaon & Hanteo charts. To know more infos, you can ask your country based fanbases here. ⚠️

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